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Student Support

CIS not only believes that all students have the right to learn, but also all students will learn. To ensure this, we have a holistic student support program that allows all groups of students to make progress in their learning and have success in their academic lives.  

Effective student support is essential at CIS to ensure that every student receives the necessary assistance and resources to thrive academically, emotionally, and socially. CIS identifies the below areas of student support as important building blocks for student success. 

  • Academic Success: CIS helps students overcome learning obstacles and achieve academic success. By providing individualized instruction, targeted interventions, and academic resources, students receive the support they need to reach their full potential. 

  • Emotional Well-being: The CIS student counsellors and leadership team work collaboratively to address the social and emotional needs of students. By providing counseling and guidance, we create a safe and nurturing environment where students can develop resilience and growth mindset, manage stress, and build positive relationships. 

  • Inclusion and Equity: Effective student support ensures that all students, regardless of their abilities or backgrounds, have equal access to educational opportunities. It helps address barriers to learning, promotes inclusivity, and reduces disparities in achievement. 

  • Personalized Learning: CIS teachers plan for effective personalized learning experiences tailored to individual students' needs, interests, and learning styles. By recognizing and addressing diverse learning needs, CIS can foster engagement, motivation, and a love for learning. 

  • Early Intervention: Timely and effective student support allows for early identification and intervention in areas where students may be struggling. By identifying challenges early on, CIS can provide the necessary support and resources to address these difficulties promptly, preventing further academic or emotional setbacks. 

  • Transition Support: CIS has structured systems in helping students navigate critical transitions, such as moving from one grade level to another, moving from Elementary school to Middle school, and transitioning to post-secondary education. They provide guidance, resources, and emotional support during these periods of change. 

  • Parent Engagement: CIS collaborates with families to ensure a holistic approach to student well-being. By fostering strong partnerships, we can create a network of support and resources that benefit students both inside and outside the classroom. 

CIS uses the below areas of support to help achieve the above areas of potential student need: 

  • College Counselling and University Placement 

  • Special Educational Needs Counselling and Advisement including effective Individual Educational Programs (IEPs) 

  • Providing students with Emotional Support through counselling and effective Emotional Support Programs (ESPs) 

  • Academic Enrichment through the Gifted and Talented (G&T) Program 

  • English as a Second Language 

  • Student Development through Teacher Training & Professional Development 

It is through a collaborative learning community that believes all students will learn, that CIS continues to have a diverse community of students who are successful in the academic journey.  

Advocating for Inclusive Education - A Guide for Parents 

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