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Our Definition of High-Quality Learning 


We value holistic, rigorous and international learning where we construct understanding by developing and applying knowledge, skills and approaches. 


At CIS learning incorporates: 


  • International mindedness and applying learning to local, regional and global contexts. 

  • Inquiry-based approaches which extend and applies learning 

  • A broad, balanced, conceptual and connected curriculum. 

  • Collaboration, communication and teamwork 



Collegiate International School is an American International School. Our curriculum is mapped to the New York State Standards and taught through the best practices of international education systems. 


From Pre-K to Grade 5 your children will benefit from the holistic, inquiry-based approaches of the IB Primary Years Programme while focusing on the concept-based standards of New York State. 


In Grades 6 – 10, the focus remains on the New York State Standards, but the IB approaches progress to the Middle Years Programme. In Grades 9 – 10 students complete the first two years of the US High School Diploma, with more electives and honors courses becoming available. 


Students in Grades 11 – 12 have a choice of programs and courses: 


  • All students complete the final requirements of the US High School Diploma 

  • Some students will add AP and/or IB Courses to make their qualification more competitive for university entrance 

  • Some students will take the full IB Diploma, simultaneously fulfilling the requirements of the US High School Diploma 

  • CIS is also an authorized IB Career-related Programme school 


Your child will be guided on pathways and course choices all the way through school by our dedicated Careers and College Counsellors. 

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