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What does it mean to be a CIS Wildcat? 

Hey there, Wildcats! Being a committed student means embracing the adventure of learning with enthusiasm, passion, and a whole lot of fun! It's about embracing the spirit of our beloved mascot and embodying the values that make us true Wildcats. 

Academic success is our foundation. We strive to reach for the stars, fueling our minds with knowledge, and pushing ourselves to achieve our personal best. We tackle challenges head-on, knowing that the journey itself is as important as the destination. With positive attitudes towards learning, we approach every lesson as an opportunity for growth, sparking curiosity and igniting the flames of lifelong learning. 

But being a Wildcat means more than just hitting the books. It means forging deep, meaningful connections with our fellow students, developing friendships that last a lifetime. We cherish the diversity within our school community and embrace being internationally minded. We learn from one another, celebrating our differences, and growing together as global citizens. 

We care deeply for our school, local, and global communities. We take pride in being stewards of the environment, fostering sustainability through our actions, big and small. Whether it's recycling, participating in service projects, or raising awareness about important issues, we know that Wildcats are the change-makers of our world. 

As future leaders, we possess the knowledge, understanding, and skills to take action and make a difference. We are the Wildcats who will step up, challenge the status quo, and shape a brighter future. With courage and determination, we will leave our mark on the world, ensuring it is a better place for all. 

So, let's roar with passion, curiosity, and a commitment to excellence. Together, we are a force to be reckoned with. We are Wildcats, and we are ready to conquer the world! 

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