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We are delighted to announce that Emirates Taste will be our new catering provider from September 2022. They have a strong presence in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, and the northern emirates with experience in the education sector. We look forward to working with them to provide healthy and nutritious food to our community.

In addition, students are welcome to bring their own healthy packed lunch and we remind you we have a “no nuts policy”.

Summary of the meal options available to students :

1.    Pre-packaged meal boxes: Students of the primary school have the option of ordering pre-packaged meal boxes that will be freshly prepared and delivered daily.  These meal boxes offer hot and cold options and can be pre-ordered monthly using Emirates Taste’s online portal (please use school code: IVEI)

  • Delivery of pre-packaged meal boxes – based on orders placed, these will be transported in temperature-controlled boxes and will be individually packed with the student-name, year/grade level and section

  • Primary school - orders received will be delivered directly to the respective classrooms at predesignated times

2.    Registration of student ID cards & cash transactions:

  • New Point of Sales (POS) machines have been installed in our cafeterias and this will necessitate the registration of all student ID cards to validate and transfer any existing credit balances to the new system.

  • A dedicated registration counter has been set up in the cafeterias specifically for this process which will be operational 16 September 2022 to complete the registration. Subsequent registrations can be done at the POS/cash counter.

  • Purchases can be made from the cafeteria using cash or credit card during the registration process. On completion of the registration process, student ID cards can be directly preloaded online using the link One working day will be required for the preloaded amount to be reflected in the student ID.


Emirates Taste Online Service User Guide

Emirates Taste Menu - November 2023

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