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Collegiate International School Parent Association (CISPA)

CISPA is the Collegiate International School Parent Association, was founded in 2011. 

The main objective of CISPA is to support the academics and activity of the school with the vision of "providing a world class education". The spirit of the school is promoted between parents, students and teachers, as well as community service in line with school initiatives. CISPA is always recruiting new members and volunteer parents to support events.

If you would like to become a part of our CISPA community, offer help or learn more about what we do, please email us

Annually we recruit key team members, including president, vice president, marketing/sponsorship, secretary, core committee and grade level representatives. A key role for CISPA is to promote the Collegiate International School community inside and outside of our school. 

CISPA helps assists in many educational and humanitarian projects on campus, such as:

  • Breast Cancer Awareness

  • Autism Awareness

  • Room to Read program

  • Movember Bake Sale

  • UAE National Day

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