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The IB Primary Years Programme for Grade 1 to Grade 5 engages students in holistic, student centered learning focusing on knowledge, concepts, skills and real world applications. The PYP is a world class system of learning that is renowned for supporting the development of independent, confident, well-rounded learners. 


As an American International school, CIS aligns the New York State Standards to framework of the IB Primary Years Programme, providing the best of both content and methodologies. This alignment that supports your children in developing both an in-depth understanding of how to learn and the knowledge and skills to prepare them for their transition to higher learning at CIS and beyond.   


Collegiate International School uses the six transdisciplinary-themes of the IBPYP framework to horizontally and vertically align student learning through the concepts of different global issues mapped to the New York State Standards. Learning the NY standards through the PYP themes encourages your child to inquire into their own learning, ideas and interests in a global context, taking them beyond curriculum learning standards and making connections across different subjects of learning.   


The Transdisciplinary Themes are: 


  1. Who we are  

  1. Where we are in place and time  

  1. How we express ourselves  

  1. How the world works  

  1. How we organize ourselves  

  1. Sharing the planet  


The trans-disciplinary themes of the IB PYP allow your child to use project and problem-based learning experiences to promote inquiry into concepts and understanding in real-world contexts. Students use research, thinking, social, communication, and self-management skills to become effective learners with critical thinking skills and problem-solving strategies.  


Core subjects of Literacy, Math, Humanities and Science are authentically integrated through the elements of the IB PYP and further supported through specialist subjects which include Modern Languages (Arabic, French, and Spanish), the Arts, Physical Education, Science, Math and STEM. 


Effective assessment is an ongoing and essential part of learning in the PYP at CIS. This includes assessment for learning, assessment as learning, and assessment of learning. All assessments are used to give teachers insight into student success and used to effectively support all groups of students. 


The culmination of the PYP is the Grade 5 Exhibition, where students showcase their learning through researching issue personal to them and taking action to make a difference. This is presented to the CIS community in a celebration of internationally-minded learners.   



"The skill-based approach to learning at Collegiate International School has allowed my son and daughter to become independent learners who know their strengths and areas of development, allowing them to consistently make progress in their learning while remaining engaged in challenging learning experiences where they are the leaders of their own learning." 


- Aneela Fatima Qadri Ihsan (Parent at CIS)  

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