The MYP is a course of study designed to meet the educational needs of students aged between 11 and 16 years. It aims to provide a broad, traditional foundation of knowledge while increasing the student's awareness of the relationships between all subjects and areas of learning.


Students are encouraged to question and evaluate information critically, to seek out and explore the links between subjects, and to develop an awareness of their place in the world. As such, intercultural awareness and communication skills are seen as essential elements to education in the modern world, and are held as fundamental to the MYP's philosophy. 

The MYP has been devised to guide students in their search for a sense of belonging in the world around them. It also aims to help students to develop the knowledge, attitudes and skills they need to participate actively and responsibly in a changing and increasingly interrelated world. The MYP also promotes a holistic view of learning. It requires an approach to teaching and learning that includes and extends traditional school subjects.