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Gift Of Innoventures Education

"Together we can make a humanitarian difference!"


The GIVE Initiative joins Dubai Cares


In the year 2014, to mark the tenth anniversary of the founding of Innoventures Education, the Gift of Innoventures Education (GIVE) initiative was launched. GIVE enables all stakeholders to collaborate and provide ongoing support to specific causes identified by our students. 


At Innoventures Education, our most important role is to inspire children to develop worthy values and skills to become responsible learners. One important feature of GIVE is to contribute to international and local communities. The students of Innoventures Education have decided that GIVE should focus on providing access to clean drinking water and education in the less developed parts of the world. 


Since its launch we have raised funds to: 

  • Build 3 schools in Nepal, providing a safe, durable and comfortable learning environment for more than 300 children 

  • Adopted a school in Malawi 


Since 2014, all our schools and nurseries have raised AED 882,332 for the Adopt-A-School project and Water for Life.  The Board of Directors at Innoventures Education matched this collection bringing the total contribution to AED 1,764,664. 

"Through education, we give children - regardless of their gender, nationality, race or religion - the opportunity to become positive contributors to society."

We look forward to your continued support in the coming academic year to enhance this philanthropic project of Innoventures Education.

"Together we can make a humanitarian difference!"

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