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As part of Innoventures Education, CIS students have the opportunity to participate in a truly holistic education. The IVEI Innovents give students the opportunities to showcase talents, both academic and beyond, on a large stage. Throughout the academic year, IVEI school meet to support, compete and celebrate the unique talents of all our students. The goal of these events are not based on the idea of winning or losing, but acknowledging the success of all students who participate. 

IVEI Innovents over the school year include: 

  • Innoventures Got Talent 

  • Mathematics Challenge 

  • Secondary School Debate 

  • Primary School Debate 

  • Academic Olympiad 

  • foRWArd Ideas 

  • Business Entrepreneurship 

  • Science Fair 

  • Arabic Writing Competition 

  • Robotics Competition 

  • Art Competition 

  • Early Childhood Classes Got Talent 

  • Young and Talented 

  • Qur'an Recital Competition 

  • Primary and Middle School Model United Nations 

  • DI@TECH 

CIS believes positive competition with other schools can benefit students in several ways. It can motivate students to strive for excellence, push their limits, and set higher goals. Competition fosters a sense of determination, resilience, and the drive to improve. Students also develop teamwork and sportsmanship as they work together towards a common goal. Additionally, competing with other schools provides opportunities for students to learn from diverse perspectives, build social connections, and develop a sense of pride and school spirit. 

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