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The processes outlined below are managed and administered by the central admissions office, in collaboration and consultation with school principals 

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We are pleased that you will be coming to join our CIS Family! The processes outlined below are managed and administered by the central admissions office, in collaboration and consultation with School Principals. 


1.   Applications for Admission 

Applications are accepted at all times during the school year, subject to space availability.  Applications must be completed online through the school website. If there are no places available at the time then the application is placed onto the school’s waiting list. 


2. Assessment Invitation 

Where spaces are available, the school will contact the first eligible applicant and invite them to attend an assessment. 


3. Selection Criteria 

Selection is based on multiple criteria, including but not limited to: 


  • The entrance test in English and Mathematics.  Pre-KG, KG1, KG2, FS2 and Year 1 applicants are also assessed for school readiness. They must be toilet trained and have a level of independence.  

  • Face to face interview, if required, with the Admissions Officer /School Counsellor/ Academic Co-ordinator / School Principal / or other designated school staff. 

  • Age appropriateness for the year/grade level to which admission is sought. 

  • Transfer Certificate from the previous school. 

  • Priority will be given to siblings of those who have secured admission to the school. 

  • Students needing ESL Instruction will be accepted from Year/Grade1 to Year 11/Grade 10 if the school deems that they are able to access the taught curriculum. 

  • The child’s previous curriculum is taken into consideration as well as limitations with regards to transfer dates for local transfers as defined by the KHDA.   

  • For students applying to join Grades 9 – 12, a credit analysis will be done to ensure that graduation through the US High School Diploma is possible, 


4. Procedures for Assessment 

4.1 All invited applicants will undergo assessment. The specific nature of this assessment is the responsibility of the school, and the relevant details are as mentioned below. 


4.2    For applicants based locally, assessments will be undertaken at the school premises. If this is not possible then the assessment will be undertaken online under the supervision of a qualified teacher, where applicable. For applicants currently outside UAE, assessments overseas can be arranged. The evaluation and year placement will be done by the School. Assessment fees are applicable for both onsite and overseas assessments. 


4.3   For KG1, KG2 /FS2, Year1/Grade1, Year2, the assessment is an opportunity for the child to showcase their skills in English, Numeracy and Non-Verbal clues may be used. 


For Grade2/Year3 and above CAT4 digital testing is conducted via an online platform (the fourth edition of GL Assessment’s Cognitive Abilities Test that assesses a pupil’s ability to reason with and manipulate different types of material through a series of Verbal, Non-Verbal, Quantitative and Spatial Ability tasks). 


4.4   Where appropriate, a face-to-face interview may also be undertaken with the relevant school authority. 


4.5  The following documents are required at the time of assessment: 

  • 2 photocopies of birth certificate, passport, visa, and Emirates ID of student & parents 

  • Latest 2 years full school reports or transcripts. 


Transfer Certificate: 

For Overseas Transfers: All Overseas School transfers and transfers from schools of other Emirates (not Dubai) joining Grade 2 and above at the beginning of the academic year MUST submit a copy of the Transfer /Leaving Certificate stamped/attested as per the requirements of the KHDA, before joining the school to the CIS Admissions Office. 


For Local Transfers: As per KHDA regulations the student should have been registered on the KHDA systems at the previous local school in the Emirate and transfers to schools within Dubai will be issued a transfer certificate from the leaving school attested by the KHDA. 

  • Photocopy of Immunisation records 

  • 2 Passport photos 


It is mandated by the regulatory authorities of the UAE that on enrolment, the Emirates IDs of student & parent be electronically swiped at the admission’s office in order to be registered with the regulatory body KHDA. Once this registration is approved by the KHDA, parents will be invited by the school to electronically sign the Parent School Contract as the final step of the student’s official registration. 

4.6 Parent School Contract (PSC): (applicable for new admissions only) it is mandatory for Parents to sign the Parent School Contract once the student’s admission has been approved and registered in the KHDA systems.  This remains valid until the student leaves the school. 


5. Service Standards 

The admission process for each child needs to be completed within 5 working days of the assessment if the student is based in Dubai. To achieve this goal, the following process and service standards have been defined:- 


Responding to parents after receiving the application       1 - 2 working days 


Receiving test results from admissions/teachers                   3 working days 


Communicating the outcome to parents                                  5 working days 

                                                                                                                        (from date of the test) 



6. Assessment Fees 

All applicants who are invited for assessment are required to pay a non-refundable assessment fee. 


7.  Selection Process 

  • Following assessment the school leadership team will review the assessment outcomes and application information, will decide how to proceed. 

  • The decision taken by the school is final, and all admissions follow the guidelines and regulations set by the KHDA. 

  • Parents / guardians must respond to an offer within 7 days of receipt, in order to secure the place. 

  • Prior to admission a Transfer Certificate (attested where required) is to be submitted. 

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